Fox lets his guard down

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Perhaps the best thing I’ve noticed about the NFC coaches breakfast at the owners meetings for most of the last decade is how relaxed Carolina coach John Fox is.

He’s extremely guarded during the season, but Fox tends to let his guard down when there is only a small group of reporters and the first game of the season is months away. That was the case Wednesday morning when Fox provided what might have been the best line of the day when he was asked about the throwing motion of University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

“You ever watch Bernie Kosar play?’’ Fox said with a big laugh.

Good point. Fox went on to talk about Tebow’s intangibles at length. He was at Tebow’s workout and there’s been a lot of speculation about the Panthers perhaps drafting Tebow. My take on that? It’s a smokescreen. The Panthers will add a quarterback at some point -- in free agency or the draft. Tebow’s a project and they need someone who can play right away in case Matt Moore isn’t what the Panthers hope he is.

Speaking of speculation, there’s been a lot of fan talk about the Panthers trading DeAngelo Williams for draft picks. Fox was asked about that and said his top running back isn’t on the market and he plans to go into this season with Williams and Jonathan Stewart in his backfield.

Trust Fox on this one. He seriously believes in having two quality running backs because the Panthers rely on the running game so much. Besides, I’ve been told by other team officials that Williams isn’t going anywhere and he’s one of the guys the Panthers want to eventually sign to a long-term contract.