Reid: We're listening to offers at QB

ORLANDO, Fla. -- For the first time in a public setting, coach Andy Reid admitted Wednesday that the Philadelphia Eagles are listening to offers on all three of their starting quarterbacks. It's a far cry from what he was saying immediately after a playoff loss to the Cowboys in January, and it confirms what most of us believed anyway.

"I’m listening [to offers] out there,’’ Reid said during the NFC coaches breakfast Wednesday morning. "I’m not saying I’m doing anything. But we’re keeping our ears open."

The message was pretty clear: The Eagles want teams to know they're open to trading Donovan McNabb. Reid was also talking about Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick, but McNabb's obviously the key player in this scenario. I'd be shocked if the Eagles traded Kolb after investing so much time in him. In fact, I don't think they'd take a first-round pick for Kolb at this point. He's obviously the future of the franchise.

"We’re evaluating, taking in the situation right now,’’ Reid said. "I don’t worry about [what other people are saying]. It’s an evaluation process right now."

This is a completely different approach from Reid, a man who only two months ago insisted that McNabb would be his starter in 2010. He began delivering his message Tuesday by sitting down with Inquirer columnist Ashley Fox.

"There are coaches who dream to be in this situation," Reid told Fox. "I'm not in any hurry to get rid of any of them. Have people talked? Yeah, people have talked. Have we listened? Yeah, we're in the process of listening. The bottom line is if I have all three of them, that's great."

Fox also cited a league source saying the Eagles wouldn't necessarily hold out for a first-round pick for McNabb. That tells you how serious Philadelphia is about moving him. And back to Reid's point about "dreaming" about this scenario. I don't think he's ever looked forward to the prospect of dealing McNabb and this about face has to make him feel a little queasy.

So what sort of offers have been coming in?

"We’ll go back and look through those and think through them a little bit, away from this situation here," said Reid. "There’s [no offer] right now that I’d jump up and down about. But there has been some interest."

After spending about 20 minutes with Reid on Wednesday, I'm convinced there's a pretty good chance Kolb is his starting quarterback in 2010.