Payton not happy with OT change

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Some strong comments by New Orleans coach Sean Payton on the rule changes for overtime on Sirius NFL Radio this morning.


Payton“Well, No. 1, I’m not a big fan of the rule that was just implemented," Payton said. “I’m going to have to probably spend a half hour explaining it to my wife or any fan that it’s the regular season we’re still in [sudden death] overtime, it’s only in the postseason. In the postseason, now listen, if we score the first field goal then they get the ball back but if we score a touchdown the game’s over."

Payton didn’t stop with that.

“I hate it," Payton said. “I think the old system was an asset, not a liability. I think it was the most exiting overtime in our game. But I’m probably one of a few or one of a handful."

Payton definitely wasn’t the only coach opposed to changing the overtime format. He spoke out against it before the rule change was voted on. Carolina coach John Fox also opposed the change.

But Carolina and New Orleans voted for the change. So did Tampa Bay and Atlanta. Only four teams voted against the change and the vote was done by team owners Tuesday afternoon when coaches and general managers were not in the room. Payton said he wasn’t happy with the process.

“And not just the coaches now," Payton said. “The general managers were out eating lunch, golfing or whatever. That kind of got snuck in the back door interestingly at about 4 p.m."