McCarthy: Lang as a guard?

ORLANDO, Fla. -- We've already caught up with Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy on a number of issues this week, so I didn't spend too much time at his table during Wednesday's NFC coaches breakfast. In perusing transcripts of his interview session, however, one topic stuck out.

LangMcCarthy said there is a "difference of opinion" on the long-term position of offensive lineman T.J. Lang. Although he played tackle last season, McCarthy said he believes Lang is a "natural left guard when I look at his body."

I'm not sure what to make of that sentiment. My first reaction was that it could be intended to tweak left guard Daryn Colledge, a restricted free agent who hasn't signed his tender and isn't necessarily guaranteed a starting job in 2010.

But Lang wouldn't be the first position-flexible offensive lineman the Packers have drafted who bounced around the line in the early part of his career. Colledge has played at both tackle and guard positions. Jason Spitz has seen action at both guard and center. Allen Barbre has played left guard and right tackle.

There's nothing wrong with spending some time identifying a player's best position. But I know McCarthy would prefer to have more certainty in that area. That would start by making a decision on Lang's future -- and sticking with it.