Farewell, Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. -- It's time for us to skedaddle from the Grande Lakes resort and head back to NFC North headquarters, where I'm sure the temperature will one day reach the 78 degrees we had here Wednesday.

I had good visits with representatives of all four Black and Blue teams this week and will sprinkle the resulting information into the blog for the next few weeks. (Or maybe months! Extended spring break, here I come!)

As the owners meeting drew to a close, we did get some insight into the delay with announcing the league's high-profile schedule. Commissioner Roger Goodell said there were discussions about tweaking the schedule to match up divisional opponents in Week 17 and perhaps in Week 16 as well to discourage playoff teams from resting their starters after clinching their seed.

"We think that will address this to some extent," Goodell said. "It will not necessarily eliminate the issue, but ... we need to continue to look at this because it's important for the quality of what we do and for the integrity of our game."

Barring significant news this evening, I'll be back with you Thursday. Good day.