Thank you, Rex Ryan

As I started cleaning out my notebook from last week's NFL owners meeting, I realized I forgot to thank New York Jets coach Rex Ryan for supporting my position on the controversial Defensive Player of the Year vote.

To review: I favored Green Bay cornerback Charles Woodson, the eventual winner, over Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. At the time, we noted that Revis was a better cover man but that Woodson had stronger across-the-board impact. If there were a Cornerback of the Year award, Revis would have gotten my vote.

Ryan torched the voting process and demeaned Woodson's victory in January. Asked to revisit his position last week, Ryan did nothing but strengthen our original take.

Here's the full text of his response:

"I just think he's a better corner. Woodson would be a better safety and a better linebacker, but he's not a better corner than Darrelle Revis. Darrelle Revis' year might have been as good as there's ever been at the corner position. You start the list with Deion Sanders, and then it might jump to Darrelle Revis if he can continue to play the way he's playing. He's young, he can run and he can match up with any receiver in the league. I don't know if you can say the same about Woodson if he was playing corner every snap. But for what Charles does, he's absolutely phenomenal. He's an impact player. His numbers speak for themselves."

There is no shame in being a lesser cornerback than Ryan's BFF. But Woodson was awfully, awfully good in that role last season while also proving dominant in other facets the Jets never even considered Revis for. Thanks, Rex, for clearing that up.