A case for McNabb staying in Philly?

It seems like the Eagles have made it nearly impossible to bring back quarterback Donovan McNabb in 2010. By basically hanging a "for sale" sign around McNabb's neck at the recent owners meetings, coach Andy Reid sent the message that it's time to rev up the Kevin Kolb Era.

But one esteemed columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer thinks that McNabb will remain the club's starter next season. Bob Ford has analyzed all the quotes from Reid and looked at all the rumors. This has led him to reach a much different conclusion than a lot of folks. Here's what he said about the reports indicating McNabb could end up in Oakland:

"Throw in all the standard babble as well," writes Ford. "Reid has a deeper emotional connection to McNabb than to other players and has more invested in seeing his initial plan for the franchise end in ultimate success. Maybe there is fire beneath the smokescreen of unconfirmed rumors, but it is difficult to imagine Reid shipping his favorite protege to the Oakland Raiders, the NFL equivalent of placing your teenage daughter on a tramp steamer bound for Malaysia."

So far, Bob's in the lead for "line of the day" with that gem. And he has a point. The thought of the Eagles doing a straight up trade that would make McNabb a Raider for a year seems almost like a punishment. No matter where you stand on McNabb, he certainly deserves better than this after helping the Eagles reach five NFC title games and a Super Bowl.

I know he's owed a lot of money in 2010, but surely you can find a more suitable trading partner. And if the Bills or 49ers aren't interested, then maybe you have to bring McNabb back for one more season. The Eagles would have no one else to blame but themselves.