Packers gave KGB a fair shot

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert

It's hard to justify holding a roster spot for a designated pass-rusher who has a half-sack in seven games, and in those terms the Green Bay Packers faced an easy decision Saturday. When it came time to create a roster spot for young defensive tackle Justin Harrell, Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila was an obvious target.

Yes, the Packers had guaranteed his $6.15 million base salary the day they made him part of the opening-day roster. But Gbaja-Biamila wasn't helping them in any way. He wasn't getting to the quarterback, isn't a factor against the run and has no special teams value. And seven games is a decent amount of time for the team to decide if it thought better days were ahead. Obviously, it didn't.

If pass-rushers weren't so rare, Gbaja-Biamila probably wouldn't have made the roster in the first place. Even after offseason surgery, his knee seemed to bother him throughout training camp. It was worth giving him a shot to work through the issues, but in the end he wasn't up to it.