Kroenke bids to buy rest of Rams

Shahid Khan's bid to buy 60 percent of the Rams was on shakier ground than anyone realized.

The assumption had been that Khan would need approval from three-fourths of NFL majority owners to buy out the 60 percent stake held by Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez. Rams minority owner Stan Kroenke short-circuited those efforts by exercising his option to purchase that 60 percent. Kroenke already owns the remaining 40 percent, so he would own the Rams in full if successful in his bid.

That would leave Khan on the outside.

Kroenke already owns the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche in full. NFL rules limiting cross-ownership could prohibit Kroenke from taking over the Rams in full, or so it was thought. Can Kroenke get the NFL to bend the rules for him? Does the secretive billionaire have something else planned?

The bottom line for Rams fans: Kroenke, a Missouri native, would likely keep the team in St. Louis.