Taylor leaves indifferent Dolphins behind

Jason Taylor got sick of waiting around for the Miami Dolphins.

No wonder he would gravitate to a team that showed him so much love.

Taylor agreed to terms on a contract to chase quarterbacks for Rex Ryan and the New York Jets.

The Dolphins wanted to wait until after the draft to decide what they wanted to do with Taylor. With no guarantees, Taylor jumped to a division rival.

At a Tuesday night news conference at his foundation's South Florida headquarters, Taylor explained his controversial decision.

He mentioned the Dolphins offered him a one-year contract extension in November -- when he was playing with a shoulder injury -- for the same money he was making in 2009. Taylor told them he wanted to negotiate after March 5, and the Dolphins pulled their offer. Taylor and agent Gary Wichard said the Dolphins didn't make another one.

"If I was important enough that you wanted me in November, why wouldn't you want me now?" Taylor said. "I'm better now. I promise you I'm better now than I was in November because my shoulder works. I got it fixed. It works. I can do everything. I can shake hands, throw a football. We can play. If I was good enough then, I just don't understand why I wasn't good enough now.

"But you know what? That's their prerogative to make. They're allowed to make that decision. There is a business side to football, and if they feel that it's better for their team to not have me, that's fine. I have no problem with that. That's part of the game."

Taylor, who will turn 36 before the season begins, probably is embarking on his last legitimate shot at a Super Bowl ring.

His signing is the latest in a series of flashy offseason transactions the Jets have made for the uncapped season.

"I've seen this plenty of times where teams load up, and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't," Taylor said. "All 32 teams will go in with the same optimistic outlook, wanting to win the Super Bowl and injuries, personalities, pieces, leadership, quarterback play, defensive play, all of those things will come into play down the road.

"So do they have a good football team? Yeah, they have a pretty good football team. They got really hot at the end of the season last year and came within a half of a game of going to the Super Bowl, and they added some good pieces.

"We'll see what I have. I think I have a lot to offer, but I think there's only two of us that think that -- me and Rex. But we’ll see. There are no guarantees in this game."