The Eagles actually made a pick

The Eagles spent most of the day moving down to acquire extra picks, but they finally selected Washington defensive end Daniel Te'o-Nesheim in the third round (86). The Eagles acquired that pick from the Green Bay Packers when they traded out of the No. 71 overall pick.

The Eagles did manage to use their Donovan McNabb pick (37) to select South Florida safety Nate Allen. No pressure on Allen at all. The Eagles now have nine picks Saturday: Nos. 105, 121, 122 and 125 in the fourth round. Then they go 134 and 146 in the fifth, 200 in the sixth round and 243 and 244 in the seventh. Pretty busy day for the Eagles -- and it will start early. It hasn't taken general manager Howie Roseman long to develop a reputation for working trades. He was all over the map today.

Andy Reid's currently appearing on ESPN's Glowpoint technology. He just made a T.O. joke, which was nice. Said he used to have a T.O. and now he has a new one in Daniel Te'0-Nesheim. He was also asked about McNabb and Kevin Kolb.

"He doesn't have to be Donovan McNabb," Reid said of Kolb. "He'll put his own name on it."

Reid was wearing a large Hawaiian shirt and said that it was big enough to fit Sal Paolantonio into it. Seriously. I'll be back with a Giants column in a bit.

By the way, Te'0-Nesheim had 30.5 sacks and 50 tackles behind the line of scrimmage at Washington. Pretty remarkable college career. He's 6-3, 263 pounds. The Eagles favor smaller rushers with speed.