Detroit Lions join risk-reward party

Methinks we have a trend Saturday morning in the NFC North.

Minnesota drafts a defensive end with elite pass-rushing skills and questionable consistency.

Chicago grabs one of college’s top pass rushers -- in 2008 -- who wasn’t the same last year after returning from a serious knee injury.

Now, Detroit has drafted an imposing left tackle who missed games for a number of health and injury issues during his college career. Here’s what Scouts Inc. reported about the medical history of Miami left tackle Jason Fox, who is nearly 6-foot-7:

Dislocates elbow and misses 2006 regular-season finale but returns to the lineup in time to start bowl game. Sprains ankle during the 2008 Virginia game and misses the Virginia Tech game. Misses regular season finale with irregular heartbeat and misses bowl game with a knee injury his senior year.

The Lions smartly drafted Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh with the No. 2 overall, resisting any temptation to take a blue-chip left tackle to replace veteran starter Jeff Backus. Fox probably isn’t close to challenging Backus; for one, you would like to see him add some weight to his 303-pound frame. But at the end of the fourth round, you look for players to put in the developmental pipeline. That’s where Fox will land. With authority.