Chargers draft new QB to groom

I like San Diego’s selection of Tennessee quarterback Jonathan Crompton in the fifth round.

San Diego is reloading at the quarterback position. Billy Volek will soon be a free agent. Crompton could be in line to be Philip Rivers’ backup in the next year or two if Volek doesn’t come back.

Crompton is a solid prospect in the eyes a lot of scouts I have talked to him. He is talented and he has room to improve. He benefited from getting coaching from Lane Kiffin last year. He was a riser on several draft boards.

At the very least, San Diego coach Norv Turner, a premier quarterback tutor, could groom Crompton and make him a valuable commodity. San Diego groomed former No. 3 quarterback Charlie Whitehurst and then flipped him to Seattle for two draft choices. His trade enabled the Chargers to package up and take running back Ryan Mathews at No. 12.

Crompton will have a role in San Diego, whether it’s as Rivers’ backup or as valuable trade bait down the line.