Rapid Reaction: Panthers 17, Raiders 6

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

It wasn't pretty as Chris Weinke -- oops, I meant to say Jake Delhomme -- threw four interceptions.

Delhomme's other numbers (7-of-27 for 72 yards) were horrible. Although the Panthers won, Delhomme's going to take some heat from fans in Charlotte and that's understandable.

But it might not be fair. At least if you look at the big picture. I know some fans already think the Panthers should be looking for a quarterback of the future and they may have a point. Delhomme's aging, but he's not ready to hang it up.

This game was a blip. Delhomme's always had a habit of taking some chances and, usually, the good outweighs the bad. Delhomme will bounce back.

Oh, one other point for all the Delhomme bashers: The Panthers already have won seven games this season. That's the same number the team won last year when Delhomme missed 13 games with an elbow injury.