A possible labor battle at Lambeau Field

As we've discussed on a number of occasions, Green Bay is going to be an epicenter of the NFL's upcoming labor battle. I'm thinking we're going to move to that stage on July 29, when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will make a rare appearance at the Packers' annual shareholders meeting at Lambeau Field. NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith might also attend, according to a tweet from NFLPA assistant executive director George Atallah.

As the NFL's only publicly owned team, the Packers annually open their books to the public. Smith has repeatedly referenced the Packers' profit margin as a sign that owners' finances aren't as dire as they have described. It will be interesting to see the extent to which this annual affair becomes a nation spectacle, especially if Smith shows up. Will the two sides try to argue opposite points based on the same financial information? I can't wait.

Earlier: The Packers raised their 2010 ticket prices to compensate for what they predicted would be lower future revenues. Packers president/CEO Mark Murphy pledges not to take the union's watchful glance into account when budgeting for player compensation.