Dan Snyder's worst free-agent signing

Now that the signing of Albert Haynesworth has blown up in Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder's face, there's been some discussion about whether it was the owner's worst move in free agency. From my perspective, that's sort of a cheap second guess, although I support most cheap second guesses.

Were Snyder and the exiled Vinny Cerrato supposed to anticipate that Haynesworth would shut things down if they made a coaching change after the 2009 season? The thing folks have forgotten is that Haynesworth finished the season complaining about former defensive coordinator Greg Blache's 4-3 scheme. All this talk about him being upset about the scheme change under Jim Haslett seems rather hollow.

Haynesworth has come across as a brooding child who is now trying to force his way out of a situation he's never given a chance. Our friends at SportsNation asked readers to vote for the worst free-agent signings during the Snyder administration. Here are the results so far:

With 12,175 votes accounted for, 46 percent voted for Haynesworth. But I think those are "anger" votes. Jeff George is second with 27 percent of the vote and Adam Archuleta (15 percent) is attempting to hold off Deion Sanders (12 percent). So who would you guys select as the worst free-agent signing for Snyder?

If Haynesworth never steps on the field again for the Skins, he'll obviously move to the top. But based on the knowledge Snyder had at the time, that Archuleta signing was pretty ridiculous. Anxious to hear your thoughts.