Chris Johnson is being confusing

Chris Johnson sent conflicting messages in his multiple interviews at the ESPYs, and until he or his agent, Joel Segal, clarify their stance, we’re left to wonder.

Our headline here says he clarified his contract demands, and this was part of that story:

"I want a long-term deal,” Johnson said. But if I don't get a long-term deal then a short-term deal just to get me to camp -- I have no problem with that."

He said he's not sure where his contract talks stand right now.

"I'm going to let my agent [Joel Segal] and the team handle that," he said.

But he was not asked specifically about the Titans’ proposal that would amount to a short-term deal. They’ve offered to take $2.5 million in escalators from later in his contract and give it to him as a bonus now. And he should have had a conversation with Segal about that and know exactly where it stands.

Johnson said the ball is in the Titans’ court, but it’s not. It’s in his.

He has said he can’t play for his scheduled base salary of $550,000. He’s yet to say whether he can play for $3.05 million.

In his ESPY acceptance speech, he failed to thank his team or his offensive line, but he thanked Twitter. But when I tweeted him that question about the $3.05 million on Thursday, I got no reply.

If I had an upcoming acceptance speech, Twitter might not make the cut.