Aaron Rodgers to Dez Bryant: 'Fall in line'

Over on our fast-paced Twitter feed, we've had a nice little back-and-forth on the refusal of Dallas Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant to carry the helmet of veteran receiver (and former Detroit Lion) Roy Williams in training camp.

RodgersRodgersMy own feeling is that Bryant needs to lighten up and understand that carrying a helmet is less about hazing and more about showing respect for established teammates who are welcoming you to their circle. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (@AaronRodgers12), responding to a follower's question about Bryant, was more blunt: "I'd tell him he needs to pay his dues n fall in line."

Rodgers also tweeted: "Every rookie gets hazed. There should be a rite of passage" and added:

  1. Aaron Rodgers AaronRodgers12 Picking up some dinner bills, having a few pranks pulled on u n, doing some odd jobs for the vets is a small price to pay to gain respect
  2. Aaron Rodgers AaronRodgers12 No ones gonna get taped to a goalpost in gb or beat up but young guys should show some respect to the older guys and being a good rookie...
  3. Aaron Rodgers AaronRodgers12 Means keeping quiet n being in the right place at the right time n showing respect to the vets as long as it's appropriate

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And in case you're wondering, at least two Packers rookies were listening. Here's what defensive lineman Micheal Neal (@mneal96), Green Bay's No. 2 draft choice, tweeted: "yes sir!"

Offensive lineman Bryan Bulaga (@Bbulaga), the Packers' first-round pick, added: "agreed... words of wisdom right there."