Ravens' Cody, Harris fail conditioning test

The Baltimore Ravens, who have had a run of bad news lately, received another setback at the start of training camp.

Rookie second-round pick Terrence "Mount" Cody and veteran cornerback Walt Harris reportedly failed conditioning tests and were forced to sit out of Tuesday morning's practice.

"Part of our process is that everybody has to pass the conditioning test to be sure that they're ready to compete," Ravens coach John Harbaugh told reporters. "We knew it was going to be hot out here. Our practices are fast, and we want to make sure guys are physically ready to practice at the pace we're practicing."

Cody fell to the Ravens in the second round, in part, because the defensive lineman battled weight issues in college. Arriving to his first training camp unable to pass conditioning drills certainly doesn't make a good first impression. Harris, 35, was signed as a free agent to add depth to a banged-up secondary.

Times have been rough in Baltimore for the past week. Ravens safety Ed Reed recently displayed his unhappiness with the organization, and top pick Sergio Kindle suffered a fractured skull after reportedly falling down two flights of stairs.