Fun with numbers: Chiefs are well ahead of the pack

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Since they're the NFL’s last remaining unbeaten team and impressive in getting there, it’s not surprising the 5-0 Kansas City Chiefs are getting a lot of love in the weekly polls and power rankings. Most, if not all, have them as the No. 1 team.

What’s more interesting is the margin. ESPN’s Football Power Index has the Chiefs as such a favorite to finish with the NFL’s best record, win the AFC West, make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl that it'll be a disappointment if all that doesn’t happen.

-- FPI predicts the Chiefs will finish 13-3. That’s at least two games ahead of the predicted record for every other NFL team.

-- The Chiefs are given a 92.5 percent chance to win the AFC West, a huge number five games in considering they have only a 1½-game lead over the Denver Broncos. The Broncos are just one behind in the loss column and have two shots remaining against the Chiefs this year, including one on the season’s final day in Denver. FPI gives the 3-1 Broncos a 6.9 percent chance to win the division.

-- The Chiefs are given a 99.4 percent chance to make the playoffs.

-- FPI gives the Chiefs a 32.1 percent chance to win the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots are predicted to have the second-best chance at 14.6 percent.

With numbers like that, it seems reasonable to just call off the rest of the season and declare the Chiefs the Super Bowl champions. The victory parade around Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza can be next week.

But it’s more fun to finish it out. The Chiefs play the Steelers on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium and FPI suggests Kansas City has a 73.9 chance to win.