Tuck's Rule: Don't 'Dez Bryant' me

ALBANY, N.Y. -- The Beast spent about 30 minutes Monday with New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck, a man who's never shied from taking the ol' sharp stick to the Cowboys. In an impromptu speech that he made to Giants rookies early in camp, Tuck delivered the following message:


"Make sure you don't Dez Bryant me," he said, alluding to the Cowboys rookie's decision not to carry Roy Williams' shoulder pads in training camp. "You guys won't like how it turns out for you."

But knowing that hazing experts have turned Bryant into their patron saint, Tuck added that he wasn't talking about anything too extreme.

"I'm not talking about tying someone to the goal post and putting honey all over them so the bees will come," said Tuck. "We're not talking about anything crazy here, but we've all done that stuff. Even Hall of Famers had to go through that. It's part of the culture of what we're doing, and we expect our rookies to show respect to that long tradition."

You'll hear a lot more from Tuck in Tuesday's Giants Camp Confidential.