Measuring Peyton Manning's pace vs. Favre

If Brett Favre's retirement sticks -- and I’ve got Nov. 5 in the pool for his return date -- then Peyton Manning will know exactly how far off some all-time NFL quarterbacking records are.

Mike Chappell looks at the numbers and projects the dates Manning could pass Favre in some major categories.

Can Manning throw 1,851 more completions for 19,201 yards and 131 more touchdown passes? Can he start 93 more consecutive games and win 50 more games?

At his current pace, Manning will hit all of those by the 14th game of 2015.

Hard to fathom. Fun to watch. Interesting to ponder.

But, as I said, once Favre comes back, moot, as we’ll need to readjust the numbers.