Rapid Reaction: Raiders 31, Broncos 10

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Well, the Denver Broncos may have just erased all the good that was gained from back-to-back road victories at Cleveland and Atlanta.

Denver was in absolute control of the AFC West after those two wins. Then it went home and lost to the Raiders. Division winners just don't do that.

Yes, the two road games were a masking perfume for a team that still had plenty of problems. Now, those problems are at the forefront. Denver is now 6-5 and it has to go to play at the Jets, one of the hottest teams in the NFL, next week.

If San Diego beats the Colts on Sunday night, the Broncos will have a one-game lead in the division. Also looming big is that this embarrassing beatdown is Denver's second division defeat. It lost to Kansas City in September. These blemishes can come back to bite the Broncos in a tiebreaker situation.

Losing to 2-8 teams at home aren't the thing of first-place teams and if Denver doesn't win the AFC West, this game will loom large.