Tom Coughlin taking calls from tight ends

IRVING, Texas -- I'm sitting in the press box at Cowboys Stadium waiting for this epic battle between the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders. But while we wait, let's take a look at something Tom Coughlin said in New York Giants camp Thursday afternoon. Asked if it was time to sign a few more tight ends, here was his response:

"Do you know where we can find them? You know how many teams in the league are looking for tight ends?" asked Coughlin. "Seriously, you saw when Dallas got just about wiped out the other night. It’s a nice idea but it’s not novel, that idea has been used way earlier, but the search goes on and to be honest with you, it’s not a real fertile position when trying to find players that are out there.

"You’re always thinking ‘How long is the guy going to be out?’ and when you do get him back, ‘is he better than what you’re bringing in here?’ That has to be said, too."

For now, Bear Pascoe is the only healthy tight end on the Giants' roster. And as Coughlin noted, the Cowboys are also having major issues at that position. They only have two tight ends available Thursday night against the Raiders.

Coughlin also talked about a team-bonding event that will take place in Albany Thursday evening.

"We’re having dinner tonight with the players; we’re going out to various spots in town," said Coughlin. "We normally have some kind of team building, this year has been more of a conscious effort to take all the frustration of last year and put it into one statement and try to do it better than we’ve ever done it before and try to get everybody on the same page, which we normally do. That’s a theme that we’ve always tried to drive home and the guys have been pretty good about it here."

Coughlin declined to provide the name of the restaurant in case you wanted to join the Giants for dinner.