Brandon Marshall fuming over drops

Brandon Marshall hasn't played an official down for the Miami Dolphins yet, but it sounds like he might have hit some sort of breaking point already.

MarshallMarshallMarshall dropped the only two passes thrown to him in Saturday night's preseason opener. He struggled again at Monday's practice.

Here's how Palm Beach Post reporter Ben Volin saw it:

Monday, his frustrations finally played out on the practice field. Toward the end of practice, after Marshall dropped a short pass in the end zone, he picked up the ball and punted it over the fence. He then spent the rest of the practice standing by himself on the sideline, though it is not clear if he was ordered to do so, or was just brooding by himself. Marshall also had two passes swatted away by Vontae Davis during one-on-one drills earlier in practice.

Maybe it's that No. 19 jersey.

Ken LaVicka of ESPN 760 in West Palm Beach interviewed veteran quarterback Chad Pennington after practice to get his perspective on how the team should help Marshall deal with his frustrations.

"Encourage him off the field and just let him work through it," Pennington said. "A lot of things going through his mind, and really probably the biggest thing is he's trying too hard. He wants to do so well. He's just trying too hard.

"So let him work his way through it, be there to pick him up when he needs it, but other than the drops, man, he's playing really good fundamental football. He's blocking well. He's taking the right steps. It'll come."