Brees playing in a bubble

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
NEW ORLEANS -- Not sure how they should go about it, but Green Bay needs to find a way to disrupt Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Because midway through the second quarter, you can say with objective certainty that Brees is working over the Packers' vaunted secondary.

I haven't seen the Packers get a hand on Brees for any of his 12 passes. He's completed 11 of them, calmly surveying the field until someone breaks open, for a total of 174 yards. The handful of blitzes I've seen haven't worked. The Packers offense has been proficient, but it's going to be hard to keep up the pace Brees has set.

It's 21-14 with 8:13 remaining in the second quarter. The Saints have nine first downs and a total of 186 offensive yards.