Eugene Wilson hit was not dirty

METAIRIE, La. -- When I got Mike Sando’s e-mail pointing me to this entry, Eugene Wilson had already jumped on one of the Texans’ buses to head back to the team hotel between joint practices with the Saints.

So I couldn’t get a reaction to Matt Leinart’s comment that didn’t name Wilson but basically called the safety’s hit on Larry Fitzgerald in the preseason Texans at Cardinals game dirty.

It’s crazy to call the hit anything but a good play, I think. You throw over the middle, you risk the receiver getting buried in such a fashion. Good for Wilson that he was able to dish one out. Good for the Texans that it's on film and could factor in to what a quarterback or receiver are thinking about in similar situations in the future.

Wilson's been on the other side of this sort of conversation.

Last year, many made light of Brett Favre’s crack-back block on Wilson while split wide in a preseason game. It earned Favre a $10,000 fine and cost Wilson the opener against the Jets with a knee injury. That one was dirty, for sure.