Quick thoughts on Favre and Childress

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Hopefully you got a chance to follow the Minnesota Vikings' news conferences Wednesday via our new-fangled "Brett Favre Live." If not, here is a quick version of what jumped out to me:

  • Favre claimed this will be his last season, and coach Brad Childress said he believes it. I'm only rolling one eye at this point. Favre noted the pending 2011 lockout, and the possibility that the Vikings' aging roster could be "dismantled." Both reasons actually make sense. If it means no FavreWatch 2011, well....

  • Favre kept returning to the word "favor" to his teammates. "One more try," he said of winning the Super Bowl with this group. It was a brilliant tack and one I will explore more on the blog in a bit. It puts him in a no-lose situation this season. If it works, great. If not, all he was trying to do was a favor, anyway.

  • In all, Favre talked for a little more than 33 minutes but answered only eight questions. What a filibuster!

  • The three players who traveled to Hattiesburg, Miss., on Monday and Tuesday said their primary mission was to "get an answer." Quotes from guard Steve Hutchinson, defensive end Jared Allen and place-kicker Ryan Longwell were all pretty similar.

  • Childress apologized for putting offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and special teams coordinator Brian Murphy in front of reporters Tuesday to misrepresent that trio's trip. "I shouldn't have done that," Childress said.

More to come.