QB Todd Collins arrives to rescue Bears

On a list of the Chicago Bears' preseason problems, I wouldn't list backup quarterback in the top 10. But that's where the Bears started Monday morning when they announced the acquisition of free agent quarterback Todd Collins.

Collins turned down overtures last week because the Bears weren't offering any guaranteed money-- a sign they planned to keep Caleb Hanie in that role once his sprained right shoulder healed. It wasn't immediately clear if they raised their offer, or if Hanie's injury hasn't responded or if Collins simply decided it was time to get into a camp.

But after watching rookie Dan LeFevour flail away Saturday night against the Oakland Raiders, it's clear that the Bears had only one healthy quarterback capable of running their offense: Starter Jay Cutler. Collins played in a similar scheme while with the Kansas City Chiefs, and if nothing else, should be able to run the Bears' plays in practice as well as in Saturday's preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals. Anything beyond would be a bonus.