Giants' Shaun O'Hara in a hard cast

Turns out the Philadelphia Eagles aren't the only team with issues at center. Giants starting center Shaun O'Hara is now wearing a hard cast because of left Achilles tendinitis and ankle swelling. He's expected to miss the rest of the preseason, which will not please Tom Coughlin. The Giants head coach believes that it's absolutely necessary to find some continuity with the offensive line heading into the season.

Rich Seubert will take over at center until O'Hara returns. The good news is that O'Hara has a high pain threshold and he'll try to play through this issue.

"It's just something I've been dealing with pretty much all through camp," O'Hara said. "I've had some good days and some bad days. It's been something we've been kind of coping with and working through. It's reached the point where we decided we need to just try to isolate it and give it some complete and total rest."

If the Giants can get ahead of this injury now, it will give O'Hara a better chance of making it through the season. If O'Hara can't be ready in time for Week 1, I'd expect for Will Beatty to take over at left tackle and David Diehl at left guard.