Finally, someone speaks up for Leinart

It's been a rough week, by NFL standards, for Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart.

Three three-and-out possessions Monday night hurt his already tenuous standing, and before long coach Ken Whisenhunt announced Derek Anderson's promotion to the starting lineup for the third exhibition game Saturday night.

Reporters covering the team have offered accounts of Leinart's demotion, but if there's been a single story featuring pro-Leinart sentiments from another Cardinals player, I've missed it. There haven't been anti-Leinart comments, either -- the team has been practicing in Nashville and traveling to Chicago, diminishing media coverage -- but where is the love for Leinart?

Answer: UCLA.

"I tell you what, don’t write [Matt Leinart] off," Bruins offensive coordinator Norm Chow told 710ESPN Los Angeles, according to sportsradiointerviews.com. "I'm still convinced that he will have an extremely, extremely successful career."

What else is Chow going to say? He was the offensive coordinator at USC when Leinart played there.

"You know, he started out well and then whatever happened, happened, but I still think he’s going to have a terrific career," Chow said. "I’ve talked with him over the offseason, I know how hard he’s working, how much this means to him. I don’t have any question in my mind that he’s going to be successful at that level."

The quarterback situation will dominate discussion following the Cardinals' game at Chicago. Leinart's performance in relief will speak for him. Will any Cardinals teammates speak for him? Darnell Dockett and Larry Fitzgerald have been prolific on Twitter, but neither tweeted anything, to my knowledge, regarding their longtime teammate, Leinart, following the change.

Surely someone associated with the Cardinals must be in Leinart's corner, right? The postgame session should be interesting Saturday night.