Cris Carter: Darrelle Revis ready from hop

ESPN analyst and eight-time Pro Bowl receiver Cris Carter spoke with "SportsCenter" on Monday morning about the importance of Darrelle Revis reaching an agreement with the New York Jets before the season opener.

"If you look at the Jets and their relevance in the National Football League for the last 40 years, I mean, when have they been relevant besides that day that Joe Namath gave them?" Carter said.

Carter claimed Revis will be ready to go when the Jets play the Baltimore Ravens on "Monday Night Football" at the Meadowlands.

"He will be in great game shape because he's a professional and that was never, ever questioned," Carter said. "He's always been a guy that loved to train and loved to work out. He loves the game.

"And he's not a big person. He's a skill guy. So a lot of those things, we as skill guys can still do from home, get someone to throw, a lot of guys to run routes for him compared to big people we have seen come into camp. If Brett Favre can do it, as complicated as quarterback is, Darrelle Revis definitely can do it."