Live from the Superdome

NEW ORLEANS -- Score one for the NFC South over the NFC North already.

We’re set up in the Superdome press box and, as I type this, the Minnesota Vikings just began arriving and walking to their locker room. Still no signs of NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert.

There’s a placard for him right next to me in the press box. But I’m guessing Kevin’s carrying Brett Favre's stuff to the locker room and will be here soon enough and helping the quarterback find his rocking chair.

Anyway, all is quiet so far -- at least inside the stadium. I think I see where the Saints are going to hang their Super Bowl banner, but am not completely sure, so I’ll stay quiet on that for the moment.

We’re still almost three hours from kickoff, but stay tuned here. Kevin and I will be bringing you all the pregame news and there should be an announcement popping up on the blog soon about joining us for our in-game chat on Countdown Live.