Coach: Tebow snaps don't disrupt Orton

Denver coach Josh McDaniels said Monday he is not concerned with starting quarterback Kyle Orton losing his rhythm when backup quarterback Tim Tebow comes in to run different packages.

Tebow took snaps twice and had two rushes for 2 yards. The rookie also lined up at receiver once. Orton was spread wide when Tebow was on the field.

Expect the Broncos to continue to sprinkle Tebow into game plans as the season progresses. McDaniels thinks it will not be an issue for Orton, who said the same thing after Denver’s 24-17 loss at Jacksonville on Sunday.

“Kyle never came out of the game and he was the one calling every play because when you’re out there with two quarterbacks, only one of them can hear the call,” McDaniels told reporters in Denver on Monday. “You can’t have two headsets out there at the same time. Kyle’s rhythm, I don’t think, was affected by that at all. Like I said, he was in the game the entire time. We’ve done that before where we’ve split him out of the backfield and he’s the one calling the offense the entire time. Again, if we decided to do something other than that we’d have to consider (his rhythm), but I don’t think yesterday was an issue.”