A final look at the Alex Barron hold

Former Cowboys and Eagles scout Bryan Broaddus does a weekly report for ESPNDallas.com called Scout's Eye that is full of helpful information. If you wondered whether right tackle Alex Barron was supposed to receive help against outside linebacker Brian Orakpo in Sunday's Cowboys-Redskins game, check out Broaddus' analysis of the play:

"On the last play of the game, Orakpo had a plan to rush [Barron] as hard as he could to the outside and see if he could get home. It was a three-man rush with Leonard Davis, Marion Barber and Barron handling the right side. Both Davis and Barber were checking for rushers inside; you can see their heads turned that way.

"When Barber sees that he is clear from assignment, he releases between Davis and Barron to the flat. If Orakpo takes an inside charge, he runs right into Barber. Davis sees what is happening to Barron but it’s too late. Orakpo is on Barron’s right shoulder so fast, he doesn’t have time to do anything but grab him. If Barron had been able to get a hand on Orakpo, he might have been able to ride him up the field, which is the strength of his game.

Reading that explanation leads you to believe that Barber wasn't responsible for helping Barron on the play. And I'm sure Cowboys fans across the country are asking a collective, "Why not?"