Poor start for Brandon Manumaleuna

We spent much of the offseason discussing which of the Chicago Bears' incumbent tight ends -- Greg Olsen or Desmond Clark -- would be pushed by the free agent acquisition of tight end Brandon Manumaleuna. As it turned out, all three players are part of the 53-man roster, but it is Manumaleuna who first reached the proverbial dog house.


The Bears fined Manumaleuna $22,000 last Saturday for missing mandatory team meetings the day before a season-opening 19-14 victory against the Detroit Lions, reports Jeff Dickerson of ESPNChicago.com. Manumaleuna did not start but did play in the game.

According to Dickerson, Manumaleuna was confused about the Bears' pre-game meeting schedule. Clearly, the Bears didn't buy that excuse. Every team has slightly different fine schedules, but generally speaking, $22,000 is a high number for missing one day's worth of meetings.

Manumaleuna is a longtime favorite of offensive coordinator Mike Martz and will earn $6.1 million this season, so he's not going anywhere. But clearly, favoritism has its limits.