Wrap-up: Texans 30, Redskins 27 (OT)

What it means: It's a really tough loss for a team that appeared to be in control at halftime. The Redskins know the Texans' offensive personnel as well as anyone but they couldn't do anything to slow down Matt Schaub in the passing game. A 2-0 start would have put the Redskins in a great position -- especially with the Cowboys at 0-2. Washington has to quickly put this one behind them, but it's a loss that could haunt the Skins late in the season. Quarterback Donovan McNabb had a huge day with 426 yards passing and a touchdown. The Redskins' offense really missed rookie left tackle Trent Williams when he was injured late in the game.

Tomorrow's talker: Everyone will be talking about the timeout Gary Kubiak took just as Redskins kicker Graham Gano attempted a 52-yard field goal. He nailed the field goal, but Kubiak had already been awarded the timeout. When Gano lined up again, he missed the field goal to the right. Icing a kicker at the last second can obviously backfire if he misses the kick, but it paid off for Kubiak. The fact that he did it to his mentor and close friend, Mike Shanahan, only added to the intrigue.

Goat: Safety Chris Horton jumping offsides in overtime was an absolute killer. The Texans were able to extend the game-winning drive. A lot of Redskins deserve blame for all those passing yards, but Horton made the mistake that folks will remember.

What I didn't like: At a crucial point late in the fourth quarter, why would the Redskins have Phillip Buchanon attempting to cover Andre Johnson? He had already burned them for double-digit catches. You have to put your best cornerback on him. Buchanon had help over the top with Reed Doughty but he was not able to break up the touchdown. That's how the Texans forced overtime.

What's next: The Redskins will travel to St. Louis, where they can't afford to have a letdown. If they can get to 2-1, that Eagles game in Philly is going to be huge -- for so many reasons.