Bears' CB Moore: Jason Witten was 'scared'

I admit to not being familiar with Bears cornerback D.J. Moore's body of work before yesterday's game, but the former fourth-round pick made a believer out of me with two interceptions. Moore also showed some versatility in his postgame comments, having the gall to suggest that Cowboys Pro Bowl tight end Jason Witten might have heard footsteps on a ball that deflected off his back hip into the hands of the nickel cornerback.

"The second one, he was pretty much just scared to get hit,'' Moore told Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times. ''He short-handed it like he was just about to get hit."

Never mind that Witten missed only one game in '03 when he had his jaw wired shut because of a huge hit. I think Moore's barking up the wrong tree in saying that Witten was timid across the middle, but he and his teammates might have a point about some of the other receivers. The Bears thought safety Chris Harris' hit on Roy Williams after a 19-yard gain in the second quarter set the tone for the rest of the game.

"That's the tone we want to set out here,'' said linebacker Lance Briggs. ''If [they're] going to catch the ball, make them pay. On some plays, you can see that came into play. It helped; it affected some of the catches that could've been drive-extenders."

I don't know if I'm buying the Cowboys fear factor theory, but Miles Austin certainly made some uncharacteristic mistakes in the loss.