Bailey will play; Goodman, Tebow won't

DENVER –- Champ Bailey is in, Andre Goodman is out and Tim Tebow has been demoted, for the day at least.

Bailey will play Sunday against Indianapolis. He missed much of the week with a foot injury. He was on crutches after last week’s game. Goodman has a thigh injury he suffered last week. He tested his injury Sunday, but he was not ready to play. Rookie Perrish Cox is expected to play. Expect Colts quarterback Peyton Manning to test the fifth-round pick often.

Tebow is Denver’s third quarterback. Brady Quinn is the No. 2. Tebow beat out Quinn for the backup job late in the preseason and he was the No. 2 quarterback in the first two games. Tebow played sparingly in special packages in the opener and he didn’t play at all last week.

The likely reason for Tebow for being "demoted" is that Denver probably didn’t have any packages for him in the game plan Sunday. But it is clear, for at least this week, Denver thinks Quinn is more ready to take over for Kyle Orton if he gets hurts.

Other key Denver inactive players include running back Knowshon Moreno (hamstring), tackle Ryan Harris (right tackle) and rookie receiver Eric Decker. The Broncos stacked their active roster with defensive players, because of several injuries. They were no healthy defensive scratches for Denver on Sunday.