Rapid Reaction: Colts 27, Broncos 13

DENVER –- A rundown of a game where Denver had plenty of chances.

What it means: The Broncos aren’t ready to play with the big dogs yet. The Colts just made the plays Denver couldn’t make. The Broncos had plenty of chances, but they couldn’t execute when they needed them most.

What I liked: Denver’s passing game was good. Denver quarterback Kyle Orton threw for 476 yards. In a lot of ways, he was more consistent than Colts’ quarterback Peyton Manning. Orton spread the ball around well. He’s getting better and better in this system. He’s one of the best things Denver has going.

What I didn’t like: The missed opportunities and mistakes. Denver coach Josh McDaniels is going to be criticized for going for it on fourth-and-3 from the Colts' 12 with more than nine minutes to go and Denver trailing by seven -- and he should be. The Colts then scored a touchdown to take a two-touchdown lead. In addition to that questionable call, Denver couldn’t get in from the Colts’ 1 in the first half and made countless mistakes. This could have easily been a Denver victory.

What’s next: The Broncos take their 1-2 record on the road against a pretty dangerous Titans team. Denver’s schedule is not getting any easier.