Chuck Cecil should, obviously, know better

Chuck Cecil gave officials the finger in protest over a penalty in the first half of the Broncos-Titans game.

In exchange for it, Tennessee’s defensive coordinator will get a FedEx envelope from league headquarters.

Start your office pool now on how much it’ll cost him.

It won’t be in the range of the $250,000 Titans owner Bud Adams got for the same thing last November that was part of his bizarre celebration of a win against Buffalo. But it won’t be pocket change either.

Maybe it was a calculated move by Cecil to show his defense he’s with them even as they draw penalties -- some questionable -- that have produced a bunch of fines.

More likely it was heat-of-the-moment reaction by the second-year coordinator. Either way, it’s not appropriate for family TV viewing or the image the league is looking to portray.

Cecil should be as apologetic as possible after the game to show he understands all that. And maybe it’ll save him a few dollars, too.