Mike Sando's MVP Watch

Any quarterback on pace for 32 touchdowns, no interceptions and a 12-4 starting record deserves at least some consideration in the MVP race.

That's why Mark Sanchez makes his MVP Watch debut at No. 10 even though the New York Jets have sometimes used game plans designed to minimize the young quarterback's impact on games.

Sanchez is not lighting up the NFL, but those stats and the Jets' 3-1 record are tough to ignore. Adding Santonio Holmes to the offense should only help.

Check out these numbers on Sanchez from ESPN Stats & Information:

  • 350 yards passing with four touchdowns and a 94.1 rating on short passes (those traveling 10 or fewer yards downfield);

  • 257 yards, two touchdowns and a 133.3 rating (second-highest in the NFL) on passes traveling 11 to 20 yards downfield;

  • 104 yards, two touchdowns and a 106.1 rating on passes traveling 21-plus yards even though Sanchez has completed only 3 of 11 such attempts;

  • a league-leading 120.1 rating with six touchdowns when opponents rush with more than four defenders (Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer and Tom Brady rank second through fourth in this critical area);

  • eight touchdown passes and the NFL's second-best rating (behind only Manning) on throws made from inside the pocket, an indication Sanchez isn't bailing from the pocket unnecessarily.

Is Sanchez going to win the MVP this season? Most likely not. But if he's going to average two touchdowns and no interceptions per game while winning three-fourths of his starts, he's going to get consideration here.