Would Randy Moss have fit in AFC West?

Randy Moss’ trade from New England to Minnesota for a third-round pick came up very quickly.

It made us wonder if any of the four AFC West teams could have gotten into the mix, or if Moss was a fit for any of the teams in the division. We examine:

Denver: There is a connection here. Moss had his best year with Denver coach Josh McDaniels as his offensive coordinator. However, the Broncos’ passing game is working well with several complementary pieces. Denver needs a running back, not a receiver at this point.

Kansas City: On the surface, this was probably the best fit in the division. Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli helped bring Moss to New England, and the Chiefs’ offense is missing a veteran receiving threat like Moss. Plus, Moss and Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel hooked up for 11 touchdown passes in 2008 in New England. Yes, Moss would have made the young Chiefs even more dangerous. But this is one of those situations where if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. The Chiefs are 3-0 and they have a very good vibrations going on. While Moss could help in the short term, but he could be a derisive force in the future. I don’t blame Kansas City for not pursuing this deal.

Oakland: Moss proved Wednesday he can go back home again. But I don’t think the welcome mat would be at the door in Oakland. This wasn’t a good marriage in 2005-06.

San Diego: The Chargers have their own receiver issue with Vincent Jackson. San Diego has proven in four games without Jackson that its passing game is fine in its current state.