Moss reportedly refused to talk to Belichick

The longer Randy Moss is gone from the New England Patriots, the more we'll probably learn how difficult he was to deal with toward to the end of his time with the team.

That's how it goes sometimes. An organization will defend a player as a consummate professional as long as he's a teammate, but when he leaves the stories start to leak out.

Boston Herald reporter Karen Guregian and former Patriots receiver Troy Brown have shared inside information about a growing rift between Moss and the coaching staff that become untenable.

Perhaps the last straw wasn't Moss' locker room confrontation with quarterbacks coach Bill O'Brien at halftime of Monday night's victory over the Miami Dolphins.

On the flight back from Fort Lauderdale, head coach Bill Belichick reportedly went back to visit with Moss and was turned away.

"The coach likely knew the situation had reached a point of no return," Guregian wrote.

Guregian on Tuesday night was the first to report Moss had requested a trade after the season opener.

Brown, appearing as a guest on Comcast SportsNet New England, told a similar account about the flight home and also said he'd heard Moss had been "pouting" behind the scenes.

"Apparently, Belichick came to the back of the plane to speak with Randy," Brown said, "and Randy just pretty much ignored him and didn't respond to anything he had to say.

"I guess there were a few other members of the team -- some front-office people and maybe some players -- that tried to talk to him, just talk to him in general, and he didn't respond to those guys, either.

"Obviously, the plane ride home for Randy wasn't a good one."