Dierdorf: Jets NFL's most talented offense?

CBS Sports color commentator Dan Dierdorf considers the New York Jets one of the top three strongest Super Bowl contenders at the moment and wonders if they have the best collection of offensive talent in the league.

Dierdorf will be at Mile High Stadium to call Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos and shared his thoughts about the matchup and the Jets' championship hopes.

On the Jets:

"Not that any team has ever hoisted the Lombardi Trophy in October, but the Jets are staking their claim by putting themselves in the conversation on that very short list, as of right now, of who is the best team in the league. If you look at the title contenders right now for the crown of 'Best team in October,' I'd have to say Pittsburgh, Baltimore and the Jets."

On the Broncos' defense going up against the Jets' offense:

"On paper, this isn't a very attractive deal for the Broncos. It's not every day that you see five defensive players ruled out of the game on Monday. They're going to need some duct tape and string to keep things together. This is also a defense that lost probably its best player in training camp in Elvis Dumervil, who led the league with 17 sacks last year.

"A lot of creativity is going to have to be going on the defensive side of the ball against a Jets offense that really doesn't have any weaknesses. They have quality at running back, quality at wide receiver, quality at tight end, maybe the best offensive line in football and a young quarterback who is getting better every week. This might be the most talented offense in the NFL."

On the Jets' secondary versus the Broncos' wide receivers:

"This is a fine matchup because everybody knows that Denver can't run the football. They throw because they have to throw. They are dead last in the NFL in running the football, and everybody struggles to run against the Jets. You have to wonder how much time Denver is going to even attempt to run the football, especially when it looks like their primary running back, Knowshon Moreno, who has missed the last couple of games with an injury, may not play in this game either.

"Denver throws the ball out of necessity, but they do it very well. Josh McDaniels is outstanding at designing a passing attack. They have all this talent at wide receiver with Brandon Lloyd, Eddie Royal, Jabar Gaffney and their No. 1 draft pick, Demaryius Thomas, who is questionable to play this week due to an injury from last weekend. And, Kyle Orton is really blossoming into one heck of an NFL quarterback."