AFC West High Energy Player of the Week

A look at a player who gave his team a significant boost in Week 6:

It’s kind of difficult to find high energy in a division that was shut out in the victory column Sunday.

Yet, after some digging, we have to go with the rookie. What’s more high energy than a player coming off the bench and scoring a touchdown?

That’s what Tim Tebow did. For the first time this season, Tebow helped his team the way Broncos coach Josh McDaniels envisioned he could when he drafted him. While Tebow was learning to become an NFL quarterback, McDaniels hoped the electric former Florida star would produce occasional offense as a role player.

After not playing since Week 1, the No. 25 overall pick scored on a five-yard run against the visiting Jets in a 24-20 Broncos loss. It was vintage Tebow from his dominant college days. The Broncos’ new red zone threat had six carries for 23 yards, giving Denver the offensive wrinkle it was hoping to get from him.

There’s no doubting Tebow’s energy level, and it is significant that Sunday it helped his NFL team for the first time.