Titans need to monitor ball flight better

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Two plays of note concerning the Titans coming back to the ball in the first half . The Eagles lead 13-7 at intermission.

  • On Kerry Collins' poorly thrown interception, he patted the ball several times and managed a pump fake before trying to find Nate Washington. Quintin Mikell got in front of Washington to make the play. Washington had a chance to turn into a defender, either getting in Mikell’s way, batting it down or wrestling it from him as he collected it.

  • On the Eagles' trick play, Jeremy Maclin took the snap, gave it to LeSean McCoy and McCoy got the ball to Kevin Kolb who was wide left. Kolb was late throwing deep left and the throw was into a stiff wind. But Chris Hope stood and waited on the ball as if he were fielding a punt, completely unaware that Riley Cooper was still very much alive in the play. Cooper came in from Hope’s right, cut in front of him and pulled in a 37-yard reception that set up a touchdown.

On offense or defense, players like Washington and Hope (who made a nice play a bit later to break up a deep ball for Maclin) need to be more aware of where they are and who’s around them.

I expect a good second half and a close finish. Another miscalculation or two on balls in the air could spell doom for Tennessee.