Patriots should be scared of Randy Moss

Look out, New England Patriots defensive backs.

That's the recommendation by former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi for Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings in Gillette Stadium.

Randy Moss will be making his return to Foxborough after the Patriots traded him to the Vikings last month, and he'll be extra motivated to put on a show.

"One little piece of advice to those DBs, two words: Get back," Bruschi said. "When Randy Moss comes off that line and he's striding and he puts up that mailbox arm, they're throwing it to him. Get back. Randy Moss wants a touchdown in this game."

On the set of "NFL Live," fellow analyst Mark Schlereth recalled the added incentive he felt when returning to play the Washington Redskins after joining the Denver Broncos.

"I can't tell you how excited I was to play my former team and basically say 'You guys made a mistake in letting me go,'" Schlereth said.

Bruschi predicted the response from the Gillette Stadium fans should be warm for Moss. It will be Halloween, so you can expect to see a bunch of those Moss masks in the crowd.

"I don't think there should be any question on how the New England fans react to the return of Randy Moss," Bruschi said. "I think you get up out of your seats and you give him a standing ovation because when he was here he performed admirably for this organization, caught a lot of touchdown passes, almost delivered a world championship to the New England Patriots. It would have been their fourth.

"He was nothing but a good teammate while he was there. It doesn't matter how he left and all the speculation. When he was there, he did his work and he performed well for this team. So you get up and give him a little bit of love, New England."