Garrard: Cowboys 'weren't into the game'

Unless I've missed something over the years, Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback David Garrard isn't known for calling out opposing teams for their lack of desire. But following the Jags' 35-17 beat-down of the Cowboys in Arlington on Sunday, the quarterback seemed to agree with what I wrote last night.

Speaking to SI.com's Peter King on Sunday, Garrard made an interesting observation about the Cowboys' effort in Sunday's loss. Here's a portion of King's column, which has likely been delivered to owner Jerry Jones since he's not much for surfing the Internet:

"But everyone can see your Cowboys are not playing hard," writes King. "We saw it in the NBC viewing room Sunday, and Garrard saw it, too. He told me: "It just looked like they weren't into the game like an NFL team should be.'' Said he noticed a "woe-is-me'' attitude among some of [the Cowboys] players. You don't see that with a Baltimore or Pittsburgh. Andy Reid's teams don't do that. Your team's embarrassing. You said it yourself after the game. And at 1-6, there's no hope for the season. You've got to put Wade Phillips out of his misery, and you've got to do it now."

How can anyone disagree with Garrard's assessment? I think he's on the money, much like he was throwing the ball Sunday.