Dolphins decline to snap up Randy Moss

Over the years, Randy Moss has been explosive.

When it came time for 21 NFL teams to claim him on waivers, he was plutonium.

The Miami Dolphins were among the teams to pass on Moss, who eventually was claimed by the Tennessee Titans at No. 22 in the order. The Titans reportedly were the only team to submit a claim.

The Dolphins were 18th in line. Two NFL executives I spoke with immediately after Moss found his third home in four weeks were surprised the Dolphins didn't pull the trigger, but expressed understanding over a reluctance to add such a toxic player to their locker room.

Many Dolfans were hopeful Moss would be a catalyst for their sputtering offense. The Dolphins have the second-fewest touchdowns in the NFL. Moss and Brandon Marshall on opposite sides of the field would give Chad Henne a long-ball option and defensive coordinators migraines.

Instead, the Dolphins decided to stand pat.